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  1. The technicians came again today and swapped my two ADSL lines to two new ones, everything seems to be snappy now! Let's hope it lasts. Thanks for your help!
  2. But how is it possible that the Telekom modem restarts by itself or loses connection all together weekly? Also, every day I have to restart it because I can't surf the web anymore (some websites don't resolve / DNS problem, I already tried to use a different DNS, e.g. Google Do you think something can be done to at least have the line to be stable? Thanks!
  3. The modem I bought doesn't support DLS bonding unfortunately, I guess I'll have to return it :-(
  4. I think I've broken the forum with my post above ... Sorry
  5. Thanks for the reply @btz! This is the info I see in the modem: Type PPP Connection Name xDSL Transfer Mode PTM IP Version IPv4/v6 NAT Enabled IP x.x.x.x.x DNS IPv4 Connection Status Connected IPv4 Online Duration 18460 sec Disconnect Reason LLA GUA DNS prefix delegation for allocation address Yes IPv6 Connection Status Connected IPv6 Online Duration 18462 sec WAN MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Type DHCP Connection Name xDSL Transfer Mode PTM IP Version IPv4 NAT Enabled IP x.x.x.x/ DNS IPv4 Gateway x.x.x.x IPv4 Connection Status Connected IPv4 Online Duration 18504 sec Remaining Lease Time 67896 sec WAN MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Type DHCP Connection Name xDSL Transfer Mode PTM IP Version IPv4 NAT Enabled IP DNS IPv4 Gateway IPv4 Connection Status Connecting IPv4 Online Duration 0 sec Remaining Lease Time 0 sec WAN MAC xx:xx:xx:xx:xx LINE ID LINE 0 LINE 1 Link Status Connected Connected Modulation Type VDSL2 VDSL2 Actual Rate (Up/Down) 12333/34445 kbps 11196/33192 kbps Attainable Rate (Up/Down) 12945/37823 kbps 11716/38312 kbps Noise Margin (Up/Down) 6.1/6.1 dB 6/6.8 dB Line Attenuation (Up/Down) 33.9/18 dB 34/16.6 dB Output Power (Up/Down) 9.6/14.5 dBm 9.4/14 dBm Data Path (Up/Down) Interleaved/Interleaved Interleaved/Interleaved Interleave Depth (Up/Down) 129/311 101/299 Interleave Delay (Up/Down) 8/8 ms 8/8 ms INP (Up/Down) 2/2 symbols 2/2 symbols Profile 17a 17a LinkEncap G.993.2_Annex_K_PTM G.993.2_Annex_K_PTM CRC Errors (Up/Down) 0/7 0/0 I don't mind about VOIP or IPTV, I just want the internet connection.
  6. Hi, I'm sorry but I don't speak Hungarian unfortunately. I'm having problems with the Telekom provided VDSL2 modem (the ZTE H368N) because it reboots by itself and from what I read online, it only supports up to 70-80 mbit/s while my connection should be able to reach 100mbit/s. Telekom already replaced it few weeks ago, but I'm still having the same problems. So, I ordered a Netgear DM200 modem hoping to replace the ZTE one, but I can't get it to connect to internet. I inserted the username and password that are setup in the ZTE modem and tried to mimic all the ZTE settings, but it still is unable to connect. Does anyone know how to make this modem work? Or if there's a way to get a better modem directly from Telekom? Thank you.