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  1. @Zölcsi I can confirm all I needed to do was enable DHCP on the Sagecom router (I disabled it). I connected the STB directly to the Sagecom router (not through my switch) and the STB works fine. Thank you @btudos! I'm in Hungary and happy to buy you a drink anytime!
  2. @Zolcsák my mention wasn't working in the previous post. Hope this alerts you of the response.
  3. @zolcsi Good timing. Because of Covid I have not been home in a very long time. I'm on my way home now and will be there today. Over the coming weeks I will be troubleshooting the problem. I had someone connect the the cable as BTZ described, however it didn't work. I suspect it's related to DHCP that I disabled on the Sagecom router.
  4. @BTZ How do I check this? Now that you mention it, I may have disabled DHCP on the Sagemcom modem. I can't remember. can I manually configure an IP on the IPTV? What should I set?
  5. Szia! I have configured PPPoE passthrough on my Telekom Sagemcom 5655v2 modem. I connect my gateway to the modem and Internet is working. See attached diagram. I cannot get the Telekom IPTV STB to work. What do I need to do?
  6. @btz @zoli62 What't I'm trying to say about IPTV not working when PPPoE is enabled is that on the Sagemcom I have to remove PPPoE credentials (only one device can use PPPoE credentials at a time). I assume the Sagemcom will not route Internet traffic for devices (such as the IPTV STB) connected directly to one of the Sagemcom LAN ports. I never tested this.
  7. @btz I agree, PPPoE passthrough is independent of IPTV. The issue appears to be IGMP support on my switch. When I return I need to do some more performance testing... 1. I'll do more testing with Unifi Security Gateway (USG). Possibly connecting my computer directly to the USG and avoid my switch. I believe the issue is that I need to set MTU on my USG to 1300 and re-do the speed tests. 2. I will confirm performance of USG when PPPoE passthrough is disabled (i.e. using a double NAT configuration). 3. If possible, I will even connect my computer directly to the Sagemcom and configure PPPoE on my computer and test performance. Thank you again for all the help. I wont be back until February to test.
  8. @zoli62 With PPPoE Enabled, I connected the IPTV STB directly to the Sagemcom router. It did not appear to work. I should do more testing. I may have turned off DHCP server on the Sagemcom as well. Are you saying that the STB will continue to work when connected to the Sagemcom and PPPoE is enabled?
  9. @btz I'm continuing to research IGMP support... I'm not able to test it until I return. I have noticed a difference in speed tests since configuring as PPPoE passthrough. Prior to configuring PPPoE passthrough, my speed test was about 913/928 Mbps (down/up). After configuring PPPoE passthrough, my speed test is about 400/900 Mbps (down/up). Perhaps I need to do testing over a longer period of time. I do not believe this is an issue with my Unifi Security Gateway... others report 1000 Mbps performance. When I can, I'll do more performance testing. Any thoughts? Is this a limitation of the Sagemcom router when using PPPoE passthrough? I'm looking into pros/cons of disabling PPPoE passthrough and configuring my firewall behind the Sagemcom (i.e. double NAT configuration).
  10. @btz I have Unifi PoE switch. I'll check out if it supports IGMP.
  11. Updates.. All went very smoothly. I reset the password on the Telekom PPPoE service and successfully enabled PPPoE Passthrough on the Sagemcom device. I configured my Unifi USG router/firewall and all is good. I connected the Telekom STB to my switch, however, it does not appear to be working. All other devices connected to my switch and wifi are working. Suggestions?
  12. @BTZ You're amazing. Thank you for all the help!
  13. @abit @BTZ Thank you for the tips and screenshots. I'm at the house next week and will try this. Not sure if Telekom provided a sheet with the PPOE credentials. Will this affect IPTV in anyway? Can I plug the IPTV STB into my own switch? Is it possible to get IPTV credentials and use an IPTV app on my Apple TV or computer?
  14. @ abit I have the Sagemcom F@st 5655v2.
  15. Thank you for the quick response. I'm unsure what PPOE passthrough mode gets me or how it's configured. I would like to use my own firewall (Unifi USG) and it obtaining an Internet address (not a private IP address due to double NAT). Do I need to request a different fiber modem?