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  1. @BTZ You're amazing. Thank you for all the help!
  2. @abit @BTZ Thank you for the tips and screenshots. I'm at the house next week and will try this. Not sure if Telekom provided a sheet with the PPOE credentials. Will this affect IPTV in anyway? Can I plug the IPTV STB into my own switch? Is it possible to get IPTV credentials and use an IPTV app on my Apple TV or computer?
  3. @ abit I have the Sagemcom F@st 5655v2.
  4. Thank you for the quick response. I'm unsure what PPOE passthrough mode gets me or how it's configured. I would like to use my own firewall (Unifi USG) and it obtaining an Internet address (not a private IP address due to double NAT). Do I need to request a different fiber modem?
  5. Szia! I have Net L fiber Internet. Is it possible to configure the router into bridge mode so I can use my our router/firewall? Brian