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I can't enable google play store billing.



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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

In order to be able to purchase something from Google Play Store it is best to have a universal credit balance.

If you have a prepaid plan (Domino) first you have to top this universal balance up.

It can be done either via

-  Budapest Bank

-  Citibank

-   K&H Bank

-   OTP Bank

-   Raffeisen Bank

-    Takarék Bank

-    Volksbank

  • the following e-banking services:

- OTP Direct

- CIB Internet Bank

- Budapest Bank

-  K&H Bank

Alternatively your aquantance can top up your balance using his or her mobile by sending a text message to:

+36-30 3 444-500 with your phone number and the amount of money you'd want to top off your balance.

*****'s an example:


Of course in this case the money will be taken off from his/her balance.

The maximum limit in this case is 10000 HUF.

You can also visit Immedio and Rely shops, bigger post offices, and some bigger MOL, Lukoil or SHELL petrol stations or lottery stores.

When you top up your universal credit balance you'll only get a certification about it, but you can ask for a detailed invoice too which will contain all your expenses in that month, just call the customer service on 1430 or visit one of the Telekom stores.


If you are postpaid coustumer you can use  20.000 HUF for shopping by default.

                                                                       30.000 HUF if you have already reached gold level in the Connection Program

                                                                       50.000 HUF if you reached platinum level.

How to buy from Goggle Play store:

  • Open Goggle Play Store.
  • Find the item you'd like to purchase.
  • Accept the conditions.
  • Choose Magyar Telekom számla (Hungarian Telekom Invoice) from the paying options.
  • After you confirmed the purchase the cost will be taken off from your balance.
  • Download the item and you can enjoy it.

You will get a purchase invoice from Google in your e-mail account.

Hope I can help.

PS.: Sorry for the possible grammatical mistakes.











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hi guys! thank you for your responses. I still have 13241ft load in my domino sim. 2 weeks ago I'm still able to enable the magyar telekom billing in google playstore. but now it wont go thru. it says ERROR "The account verification SMS could not be sent. Please try again." I tried it so many times. but still the same error. What should I do?

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It seems that t*****'s something wrong with the carrier billing service. The error message you got is usually appears when you are trying to purchase something from a network w***** this option is not supported by Google Play. However this does not apply in your case, as Telekom is a supported carrier. It could be a general error, other forum members who encountered the same error could vertify this, so hopefully they'll write into this thread. I suggest you should contact with the Customer Care  (since the error persists for 2 weeks) and they could help you in resolving the issue your experiencing.

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